Tuesday, February 9, 2021

John Grey ---------------- three poems



Her eyes are transfixed

on my intrusion.

Mine are drawn

to the morning air ruffle

through her brown flanks.


She’s appraising me.

What is this creature?

Why does it stare at me?

Does it mean me harm?

She doesn’t suspect

the true reason.


I don’t move,

speak in hushed tones

like a predator would never do.

“It’s okay. It’s okay”

I know the deer is fearful

but I need this moment.

No other presence

can come so close to holy.



the doe darts off into the thicket.

I remain there a while

but she doesn’t return.

That is all I’m going to get

My eyes are back on me for now.






fly away from me

thank you

little bird,

to unnecessary safety

but with freedom

you so desperately





I get up close to the bees

that dart from one small yellow flower

to the next

though I know one

small buzzing critter

cold land on my bare arm at any moment,

deliver a jab of pain.


I envy a life

that small, so concentrated,

with one thing in mind

that’s not even a thought,

just instinct,

to fly in and out,

to feast on the buds,

pollinate, provide for the hive,

to not waste their lives,

watching what men do.

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