Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Seventeenth Day of the Eleventh Month, We Are off and Running

We are not innocent babes in the woods -
Together the editors have over a century's worth of 
writing, editing, and publishing experiences.

We thought it is high time we share with you and to build with you a viable literature in the Pacific Northwest.

Despite its name and origin, Five Willows Literary Review is not anymore Asian or Oriental than hot dogs and French fries. We look forward to seeing any work in any genre that exhibit the qualities of good writing -- deep, meaningful, original, and frugal. Give us your best. And we would appreciate your help. We are all volunteers.

We would like to thank Google which provided all the tools for this blog website gratis. Such is our humble beginnings. 

Please Note:  Our current issue is here: 

Five Willows Literary Review: Current Issue

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