Thursday, April 17, 2014


Who is Mr. Five Willows? He likes wine and when he is half-filled, he is happy, and when he is thus happy, he talks in verse, and when he so speaks, he is neither disparaging of high or low, rich or poor, crafty or dull; he is merely a drinker of wine and a good fellow. For this reason, he is often invited to the houses of the lords and officials.

He tells them that life is full or empty, happy or sad, prosperous or needy, but if they but see that his own house is surrounded by five willow trees, in the destitute sector of town, and that for their company, he is content to be shielded from the striving of otherwise lesser men. For this he is thankful, and even as poor as he himself is, he gives half of his coins to the itinerary men. 

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